Help Save the Sharks!

Here at When is Shark Week, we LOVE Sharks.

To us they are the most amazing creatures on the planet and the fact that many species are close to extinction is heartbreaking.

For millions of years they have swam in the oceans, outliving the dinosaurs, surviving the ice age and evolving to be ultimate animals they are today! Unfortunately there is one simple factor that has created their demise; Humans.

Today, over 70 million Sharks are killed each year just for their fins (Some reports suggest even 200 million) This is due to the demand for Shark Fin Soup, primarily in China. For more disturbing facts, figures and horror stories of this see our page Shark Finning. Regardless of how, what and why its up to us and more importantly, YOU, to help put an end to Shark Finning and Save the Sharks before its too late.

How can we end Shark Finning?

One of the most fundamental elements to any business is Supply and Demand. In this case, reduce the demand for Shark Fins and the supply will fall also. The actual fishermen who conduct the Finning are not the consumer. Therefore, they will change what they fish for and stop finning sharks! (and we will fight against that to, if its deplorable)

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately within China its not a simple task, years of tradition, a cultural status to uphold and a stubborn government are easy things to alter over night. But outside of China there are many ways to help:

  • Do not eat at any restaurant that serves Shark Fin Soup, or any Shark related product. EVER.
  • Make sure the restaurant(s)  in question, know that you are boycotting them and explain why. Ask them to stop. Share your thoughts about the restaurant to anyone who will listen.
  • Tell ALL of your friends, family and acquaintances about Shark Finning. Explain the facts and figures. Even show them some disturbing pictures if you think it will help the cause. Shock treatment is often the most effective.
  • Sign all partitions against Shark Finning (and Shark Culling for that matter) you can find. Again share with everyone you know.
  • Donate to causes who are actively engaged in the cause. See here for Shark Charities we love.
  • Show EVERYONE you meet how you feel by wearing one of our Stop Shark Finning Shirt. Available here.

Please share this page and help Save the Sharks NOW, before its too late and we undo millions of years of evolution!

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